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We did it!

Kate Burdette

3 sisters, 3 partners, 3 lifestyles… Infinite goals we can achieve.

The excuse was time. There was never enough. How could three sisters from New Jersey build a business together with full time careers, children, and homes?  The clocks never magically added another 8 hours to the day, and we are still the same three sisters. But we did it! We made it happen!

On a July morning back in 2013, ravelBrand was created. We built a brand that was organic & functional. A brand that represents the everyday woman. We started in an area that, just like most women, we couldn’t get enough of, accessories!

ravelBrand began with bracelets that are alluring, cool, and easy to wear. Throughout the development stage, we tallied up many hours of brainstorming, tests, and trials. It was worth it!! Here at ravelBrand, we have created pieces that we stand behind. Now, with such overwhelming support and excitement for our first line of accessories, … it is time to add a new challenge. rB has branched out with our first division in apparel. All about our favorite fabrics that we love to live in.

Each day, from the Northeast to the Southwest, we take that special time amid the chaos to work on our brand. With the added BONUS of sisters spending time together despite being 2,000 miles apart.

Kate, Colleen, & Cassandra are doing what we love and we are just getting started!

Kate, Colleen, & Cassandra

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