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Happy Mother's Day!

Cassandra DeLorenzo

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  We are so excited to roll out our new Spark your Soul campaign on the day we honor the most important lady in our life. 
Our new tank design, Spark Your Soul, is about reminding us to stay inspired.  ravelBrand has opened up a new world and has allowed us to meet so many amazing people that inspire us on a daily basis.  Whether it's related to the business, our health, fashion, mom life or just plain life, we want to share it with you guys!
 In the upcoming year you will see some of the Go Getter’s whom we are inspired by and who we think will inspire our community of rB girls (and guys too)!
We want SPARK YOUR SOUL to be a movement of positivity, to recognize those awesome people that affect our lives and then share it with you!
Now, let’s go back to our first rB girl, the most important lady in our life and the spark behind ravelBrand!
Susie D., our Mom, the perfect candidate to introduce Spark Your Soul!  Our mom is everything!  She is beautiful, loving, understanding, compassionate, passionate and smart!  She is the Best Friend that anyone of us could ever ask for.  She always lends an ear to listen and will always give great advice. She instilled in us that we can do anything we put our minds to, stay positive, and follow our dreams.  Mom is a Registered Nurse in Labor Delivery (for 40 years!!) and it’s amazing to see her in action (we know personally, as she was there for 4 out of 5 of our deliveries).  She LOVES what she does and she's amazing at it!  Ask anyone that she has cared for and they will tell you too!
For fun, you’ll find her amongst 5-20 Fluffy Collies depending on the week.  They must get some really good vibes from her as she has cared for several Champion Show Dogs!  We are still inspecting what kind of pixie dust she puts on these Pups 🐶
We love our Mom to the moon and we think she is the sweetest, coolest, funniest, not to mention in shape woman we know (have you seen those arms?). We wouldn't be able to honor her without razzing on her too!  She is infamous for leaving her tea in the microwave, keys in the door, finding Christmas presents a year later and telling us some funny story about her gift, "talk texting", and then of course, there is politics! But, her quirkiness makes her, her!!  
She's "Simply the Best"!
 The rB Girls couldn’t be luckier to have a more supporting and inspiring Mom, we couldn’t have built this brand without her!
We love you Mom, you spark our soul! 
-rB Girls 

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