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Introducing rB girl shirts ♥

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We started ravelBrand in 2013 to have an outlet for our creative juices.  Kate and Colleen were working part-time and Cassie was not a mom yet.  Once we got started we realized that it was more than working a show to make money. I mean don’t get me wrong when we made money we were super excited and when we didn’t it was disappointing. However, what kept us going, was the time we spent together as sisters and the amazing people we met through the events that we were a part of. 

Fast forward 5+ years and we kind of lost steam as our families and commitments grew.  We actually took down our website as we could no longer make the commitment to growing the brand.

 After a couple of months, we missed it.  We missed the time spent together as sisters, the people we met along the way and the outlet for our creativity.  This idea has been brewing for awhile and we are finally ready to commit.  The journey begins…….INTRODUCING our "jersey girl" shirts, the first t-shirt in a collection that is going to help build a community of girls.  Our shirts will be a way to connect like-minded women all over the country and promote confidence and authenticity.  Along with our motto of "love more  inspire often ♡ give back" we want to connect with all the "beYOUtiful" girls out there.  

Our super comfy t-shirt is a relaxed fit, so we can all feel super comfortable and confident while showing off where we come from.  We are excited to be offering the t-shirt in both youth and adult sizes!!  C'mon all you jersey girls, let's show our jersey pride!!

Let us know what state you want to see next?!?!

 Love you all you rB girls that have supported us along the way and we look forward to hearing from you 

Kate ~ Colleen ~ Cassie

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