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Spark Your Soul- Mia's Marrow

Cassandra DeLorenzo

Our June Spark is a girl named Mia.  One of the best things about running ravelBrand is meeting people we otherwise wouldn't have.  We connected with Mia's mom Kristi, when she won one of our giveaways and we were lucky enough to be "introduced" to this truly inspirational girl.  


Mia has Diamond Blackfan Anemia, meaning she doesn't make red blood cells.  Mia survives by getting blood transfusions every 3 weeks!  When you follow Mia on Instagram you will immediately feel her spirit and get a glimpse of how strong she truly is.  She has made it her mission to educate about blood donation and signing up for the Bone Marrow registry. She is a fighter for herself and for others and she needs all of us to help them beat these diseases!



Mia has inspired us to give blood for the first time and sign up for the bone marrow registry. We never realized how easy it is to give blood, and how many people NEED us to donate in order to save their lives.  We want to help Mia on her quest to make people aware of these rare blood disorders and to also show how easy it is to help!  


(Rockstar Colleen Donated in Texas) 


We want to thank Mia and her mom, Kristi, for all they do to help people with rare blood disorders and for inspiring us to help!!!

(Rockstar Kate Donated in New Jersey) 



For more information on Blood Donation, just "google it" to find a center near you, it's super easy!!


(Cassandra has to wait to donate, Dr.'s Orders, but came to support!) 


Check out Mia on These Social Media Links!

@miasmarrow on Instagram

Mia's Blog:

Mia's Be The Match Page:

Also Check out for more information on how to sign up for the bone marrow registry! Be The Match will send you a swab kit to your house for FREE if you are between the ages of 18-44! 

Help Us Help Mia 💫💫

-rB Girls 

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