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Introducing rB & Co.

Cassandra DeLorenzo

So you hit your 4 year anniversary. What's next? 
All through the evolution of ravelBrand, we always came back to one thing ~ how can we make a difference?  We realized that we are building a platform and an audience that allows us to share information, stories, people and products. 
With that, we introduce you to rB & Co.   The "rB" to not let go of what built us and the "& Co.", because we will continue to introduce various products, ideas, people and organizations to our online community. The name that came to be from "raveling bracelets" no longer encompasses the full picture of what we work towards each day. 
With our new name comes a new mission.  After lots of strung together words, scribbles, & crumbled pages, we came up with words that best represent us. The words that connect rB & Co. to the world. 
Love More ♥ Inspire Often ♥ Give Back
We want to make sure our followers know who inspires us, who makes us laugh, products we love, who needs our help...... Now that we have this platform to bring awareness & recognition to all these kinds of things, we know this is without a doubt what we were meant to do.  And of course to always have fun along the way!
 Happiness, laughter, inspiration and positivity and are just some of the feels we want you to experience each time you visit our brand. 
In the upcoming days you will see special features on the new products that have hit our online shop.   But.....if you just can't wait, head over now & take a peak!!
We are so blessed to have you by our sides because without your support we wouldn’t be here getting to do what we love!
Kate, Colleen, & Cassandra

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