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Spark Your Soul!

Cassandra DeLorenzo

The sisters of rB reflect on 2016 feeling humble and proud. We took chances and watched our little company bloom! With the arrival of 2017,  we are more excited and inspired than ever!

       Our focus is finding inspiration, passion, and motivation as our business and everyday lives intertwine.  Whether it's Fitness class, exploring how to stay mentally and physically healthy, balancing family and work, or just searching for that next great outfit....We are always open to finding that something special, that Spark! We understand feeling the need for another 8 hours in the day, and boy did we connect with you on that!  Our mantra on a sweatshirt "Coffee and Chaos" sold out within 27 hours of being posted! But amid all of the "Coffee and Chaos" we must take a deep breath and relish in the wonders that surround us! 



        Spark Your Soul is our latest design born from these ideas!  

What and Who Sparks Your Soul?  

We aspire to collaborate with communities where we can share positive ideas, thoughts, and encouragement.  In the coming months, these new concepts will keep us all inspired and motivated.  We are truly excited to be embarking on this journey with all of you!


Yours Truly,

The Ladies of rB  

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