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Spark Your Soul- Kendall Marie Zoppa

Cassandra DeLorenzo

It's that time again! The Spark Your Soul Campaign continues with our Lifestyle & Wellness coach Kendall! Our July Spark makes everyday fun & colorful with her comical Insta-Stories & Healthy Living Social Media Posts!
We asked Kendall a few questions about everyday life and what tips she lives by! As you read you'll find her advice is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
A little less everyone else, a little more you. That's the Goal! 



Living a healthy life is not just about being fit with clear skin and a six-pack. In fact, those are usually the results of something far deeper at play. Embarking on a healthy life journey takes a great deal of self-love. Acknowledging yourself for where you're at, mind, body, soul and knowing you've got room to grow. 
I found myself on a path a healthy lifestyle almost by accident. I fell in love with spin after a few classes + haven't stopped since. As a result of that passion I became more mindful of what types of foods I was putting in my body, the type of mindset I was adopting and on top of that, realizing I wanted to help others do the same.
The domino effect of health + wellness is real. You find your way in whether it be through fitness, nutrition or even mindfulness and that energy carries you on the greatest adventure of your life. 
Someone once told me to find 3 hobbies: one that makes you money, one that keeps you in shape, and one that lets you be creative. 
I'm so lucky to have found that in indoor cycling. Never would I have guessed I'd be where I am today but I am oh so grateful for my journey. 
If you've been wanting to shake things up in your life whether it be through fitness, health or career, here are my go-to tips that help every aspect of your life.
1) Gratitude. Download the 5 Minute Journal app and write down three things every day you are grateful for. This simple practice will have the most profound effect on your life. Stick with it consistently for one week and reflect when it's over. I bet you will be amazed at what you find. 
2) Hydrate. Aim for at least 2L of water a day. Add some lemons and mint, make it fancy! Your body needs water more than anything and between the coffee, tea + soft drinks we are perpetually dehydrated. Aim for two and work up to 3L.
3) Hit the pavement. Walk. Like, everywhere. 10,000 steps a day is your goal. It's about 4-5 miles a day. It sounds like a lot but you'll be surprised when you do it how easy it was. Opt for the stairs over the elevator + instead of driving into town to get your nails done, walk! When the whether is warm it much easier to get those steps in!
You will be shocked how these three simple tips can have an enormous effect on your mind, body + soul. 
With so much love + light, 

We are so inspired by this boss babe & thank her for the awesome advice! Make sure to keep up with Kendall on Instagram @kendallmariez & check out her website! 

Cheers to our July Spark! 

-rB Girls 

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