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About Us

Meet the rB Girls

We are Kate, Colleen, and Cassandra. 

rB & Co. was born from 3 sisters who share a vibrant enthusiasm for family, integrity, and hard work.
We are motivated by our desire to blend our varied life experiences to present unique fashion items that resonate with our customers.
Based in New Jersey and Texas, we have been shipping fashions all around the country since 2012.

All throughout the evolution of rB & Co. we've always come back to one thing ~ How can we make a difference? The 3 of us have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people & hearing their stories. We realize that we are building a platform & an audience that allows us to share information, stories, people, & products.  

Welcome to rB & Co.

We want to make sure our followers know who inspires us, who makes us laugh, products we love, who needs our help...... Now that we have this platform to bring awareness & recognition to all these kinds of things, we know this is without a doubt what we were meant to do.  And of course to always have fun along the way!

Happiness, laughter, inspiration and positivity and are just some of the feels we want you to experience each time you visit our brand.

Love More ♥ Inspire Often ♥ Give Back